Jira is a tool that helps you manage projects and optimize teamwork. The principle of operation of the service resembles a task manager on a PC, where it allows you to track running projects and control the number of employees who work on this project. The program has a built-in automated project manager function, he is responsible for the competent distribution of tasks between employees and further work. Initially, the tool was offered to track the status of tasks and errors, but over time the functionality has become more extensive. Now, using the Jira, you can easily and simply manage the development process from the idea to the launch of the finished product. The program is used not only by IT specialists, but also by marketers, analysts, testers and other specialists. You can download the official version of Jira for free from the link offered by our website.

Jira is compatible with devices that run on Android and iOS.

Program's features

  • Kanban board - ensuring transparency of work on the project, optimizing the workflow, distributing tasks from the list of unresolved tasks.
  • Scrum board - managing complex projects, bringing together people who work in different directions into a team to develop a single product.
  • Linking program code to tasks using the Bitbucket`s function.
  • Maintaining documentation, protocols and other documents using confluence.
  • Teamwork – exchange of submitted information on a future project, make a joint decision on current issues and appeal to your colleagues for help.
  • Reports in the Jira program – generating reports that can be viewed on a graph and diagram.
  • Integration with a variety of tools for developing new projects.

Download Jira

Installing of the program doesn`t take much time. Our website offers several links that you click on, and the application is installed on your device. If your device runs on Android, then a link from Google Play will do, and if it is based on iOS, then a link of the App Store. There are no long-term installations. Click on the link, wait for the full installation of the application and the appearance of the icon on the desktop of your device.


Jira is a structured application with many tools with which you can manage projects. Thanks to the simple and convenient interface, you can change the appearance of the service to suit your needs.